3.2 Working Windows

FigureĀ 3.2 shows the main windows you will see after the splash window (dis)appears.

\includegraphics[width=1\textwidth ,bb=0 0 1024 738]{mainwindow.png}
Figure 3.2: Screenshot of the main working windows in ChartNexus (NOTE: it will look slightly different in Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 9x, Windows ME or Windows 2000).

These are the panels or windows that you will see when you first launch ChartNexus. They may or may not appear subsequently based on how you have configured as ChartNexus will remember your preference.

  1. Menu Bar - Access to functions in ChartNexus.

  2. Tool Bar - Quick access to functions in ChartNexus. Partial listing only as compared to what are found in Menu Bar.

  3. Drawing tools - One click access to the drawing tools to annotate, draw shapes or lines.

  4. Listings & Watchlists - This will most likely be your starting point. You can view the different markets, different categories and the corresponding equity based on alphabetical order.

  5. Chart area - When you double click on a name of an equity in Listings, the chart of the equity will appear here.

  6. Indicators - List of indicators (eg. RSI, MACD) available for your usage.

  7. News Bar - This panel display announcements or news from us including latest or earlier ones.