3.3 Menu Bar

You can access the features in ChartNexus through mouse-clicking or by using your keyboard.

The Menu Bar or simply menu shows categorized list of menu items available in ChartNexus. Each of the menu items contains a particular function.

To use a particular feature/function, use your mouse and left-click once on the desired menu item as shown in Figure 3.3:

\includegraphics[width=0.7\textwidth ,bb=0 0 357 205]{menu-access.png}
Figure 3.3: Accessing the menu bar and menu items.

For example to close a chart, you can click on the Close menu item to close the current selected chart. Alternatively, you can use keyboard combination key or what is termed as accelerator key or shortcut key to conveniently and quickly invoke certain function.

Example: pressing the control key (CTRL) and the key ’W’ on your keyboard will close the current/selected chart.