6.16.3 Change chart color

Often, we want to be able to personalize the chart that we generate. You can change all the color settings for the chart in ChartNexus.

Again, click on the Color Setting \includegraphics[bb=0 0 16 16]{ico_color.png} button (see Figure 6.24) located at the Minitoolbar.

Next, click on the Chart Colors tab. You will see the following (see Figure 6.27 and Figure 6.28):

\includegraphics[width=0.8\textwidth ,bb=0 0 446 358]{funchart1.png}
Figure 6.27: Chart color settings panel.
\includegraphics[width=0.8\textwidth ,bb=0 0 350 292]{funchart2.png}
Figure 6.28: More options for changing color settings.
  1. Save your favorite color settings under a theme name.

  2. Remove selected theme.

  3. Import/Export your theme.

  4. Drop-down list containing all your saved themes.

  5. Click to access help documentation.

  6. Click on the color palette to edit them.

  7. Click on this option to enable auto configurations of all option listed below it.

  8. Select individually your desired color configuration or click on Auto Adjust to let the system determines it automatically.

You can customize the various options available including chart title, labels, background colors, border color, candlesticks color, grid color and so on. See Figure 6.29 for the illustration on the various settings.

\includegraphics[width=0.9\textwidth ,bb=0 0 666 550]{colorsettings4.png}
Figure 6.29: Chart colors settings.

We have also added the function for you to save the color scheme in various color themes where you can manage them (create, remove and export) so that you can adopt various color schemes.