6.1.1 Open chart

To open or show a chart (see Figure 6.2), double click on any name of the equity (stocks, warrants etc.) found in the Listings \includegraphics[bb=0 0 16 16]{ico_stocklist.png} .

\includegraphics[width=0.5\textwidth ,bb=0 0 203 258]{openchart.png}
Figure 6.2: Double click to open a chart.

Alternatively, right click on the name of the equity and a pop up menu will be shown, see Figure 6.3 (a), click on Open chart.

\includegraphics[width=0.95\textwidth ,bb=0 0 530 126]{openchart_menu.png}
Figure 6.3: Right click on an equity and a pop up will be shown. If an equity opened for the first time, then you will be presented with menu (a) otherwise if the equity chart is already opened, you will see (b) menu instead.

To open another instance of the same equity, for example you may want to compare for the same equity using different indicators, trendlines etc. in two separate windows, right click on the equity and then click on Open New Instance, see Figure 6.3 (b).