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ChartNexus XPertTrader™ is a unified trading system that combines a stock screener, a rules composer and a backtester for creating powerful rules to help you identify winning stocks.

Designed to work for traders, investors, brokers with some level of understanding of technical indicators, XPertTrader™ lets you create your own set of rules based on our pre-set indicators and then conduct simulated back-testing on these rules.

A powerful module that allow you to build your own sophisticated trading system using the most poplar technical indicators such as Moving Average, MacD, RSI, Stochastics, ADX and more.

It also easily detects Japanese candlestick patterns e.g. doji, harami, hanging man, 3 soldiers and more. You can detect with your self-created patterns too !

Free Bonus
  • Exclusive access to XPertTrader Library

  • FREE access up to 15 years historical market data that we provide for the duration of subscription

  • FREE version upgrades, fast support, 14-day money back guarantee and more

Extra Bonus
A must have set of rules to screen for price breakouts, stocks that are trading near it’s all time high or all time low and stocks trading near attractive Fibonacci Retracement Levels.

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