5.1.1 Market data available

We currently provide EOD data and historical data only and do not support real-time data.

ChartNexus comes free-of-charge (personal use) with EOD data :

  1. 3 years BSE, NSE

  2. 3 years HKSE

  3. 3 years JSX

  4. 3 years Bursa/KLSE (include both Mainboard and Mesdaq stocks and warrants)

  5. 3 years SGX (include both Mainboard and Sesdaq stocks and warrants data)

  6. 3 years AMEX, NASDAQ, NYSE and USINDEX

  7. 3 years World Indices

NOTE: Data is usually updated at around 6:30pm (Singapore local time) daily. We recommend that you update the data after 7pm or later. There maybe times when delivery maybe late or delayed. We will make announcement on those occassion.

If you require historical data, you may want to consider subscribing to our addons - up to 15 years Historical Data which is adjusted for splits for more in-depth analysis.