9.2 Benefits of Using Add-ons

We adopted this modular, subscription-based approach as we think it will benefit both you (the user) and us (the user and developer).

  1. Changing times require evolving capabilities. As the Market evolves, traders and investors are increasingly employing sophisticated software to assist them in their investments. Compared to one-off-one-time-fee charting software, having a subscription-based software guarantees that you are always at the forefront to explore new capabilities and enhancements.

  2. New versions and features upgrades are free. Since you are on a subscription plan, we will keep on adding new features, introducing enhancements or releasing fixes related to the module for free to you for the entire duration of your subscrption period.

  3. Pay for what you need. Why pay for software with 80% of the functions that you will hardly ever used ? With our add-on modules, you can mix and match the modules and subscribe to those that you truly need.

  4. Money back guarantee. We believe in giving you only the best. If within the period of refund (see our subscription policy http://www.chartnexus.com/legal/software.php) you’re not satisfied or happy with the Add-ons, we will refund you.