6.18 Performance Chart

Often, we may want to compare the index against particular stock(s) or simply to compare a basket of stocks to gauge their relative performance. You can achieve them with Performance Chart.

\includegraphics[width=1\textwidth ,bb=0 0 640 481]{performancechart.png}
Figure 6.32: Performance chart for comparison between index against stocks or stocks(s) among each other.
  1. Click on the Performance Chart \includegraphics[bb=0 0 16 16]{ico_perfchart.png} button located at the Menu Bar.

  2. The Performance Chart window will appear.

  3. Under Listings window, click on the equity to set the particular equity as reference for comparison. To remove an equity from the Performance Chart, move the mouse pointer onto the Equity Name and then click on the close(x) button.

  4. To set the Reference Line to indicate a particular point in time to begin comparison, move the Reference Line by clicking on the line then drag to a desired reference date.

  5. When you click on the Performance Chart, these two buttons \includegraphics[bb=0 0 16 16]{ico_setrefline.png} and \includegraphics[bb=0 0 16 16]{ico_clearlist.png} will appear at the bottom left corner of the chart. Click on the buttons to reset the Reference Line to the left and to clear all the counters in Performance Chart respectively.