mastering the art of trading using

technical analysis

The stock market is NOT random, it follows a pattern

80% of retail investors lose money in the stock market because they don’t know when to take profit and how to take a small loss

Following the general market direction increases the probability of winning

Buying the right stocks solves most of the problems faced by traders

Identify trends

Time your entry and exit in the market

Leverage on the market direction

Select the right stocks

About Chartnexus

At ChartNexus we are a technological company head quartered in Singapore with regional office in Malaysia.

Over the last 12 years, we have been developing trading tools for stock brokers and educators around the world.

The one big advantage we have is to be able to combine our financial market experience with technologies to create simple and easy to use tools for the retail investors.


the general market direction and increase your chances of winning

Avoid risk

and apply sound money management rules


which trading strategy to use in different market conditions


the strongest sector


the highest probability trade in under 1 hour each evening

The 1-Hour Trading Strategy


look for excellent trading signals


Establish the Entry Price, Stop-loss & profit targets


Execute your trade

The Trader's tool



Identify what stock to buy, when to buy and when to



Guided stock picks from our experienced trainers.
Be alerted real-time.


Continuous and never-ending learning through our weekly club meeting where likeminded traders gather to explore trading ideas and identify money-making opportunities with the help of trainers.

JOHN | 49

I found out the strategies to trade stocks and have a better understanding of the market sentiments and the ESP...


I look at the forum everyday and that forum actually helps me to look at what are the stocks in the rotation play without spending a lot of time....

ANSON | 32


Who should join this


Anyone who are not making money from trading and want to start making money.

Anyone who is inconsistent in trading and want to become consistent.

Anyone who wants to master technical analysis and be mentored by experienced trader.

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